Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a penny for my thoughts

so looking at this blog i noticed i haven't written on here in over 4yrs! wow! that time has gone so quick! last time i blogged i was 6mths away from being married, looking to move to hong kong and both excited and terrified about what the future held. as they say, life does not always turn out the way you plan!

i got married to the most wonderful man in the world, had an interesting [read: hard] first couple of years of marriage, have learnt the value of being able to communicate well with your other half, and am now expecting a bubba in just over 12wks. 

and, for some strange reason, i've decided that now is a good time to start blogging again [as if i don't have enough stuff on my plate!] :S

there are things i've been thinking about that are probably worth sharing with someone. i hope you read what i write and get challenged to think about the topics for yourself. i don't care if you agree with me or not, as long as it sparks a conversation. 

more than anything in the last 4yrs i've learnt that the world is less black & white than you think when you're in your early-mid 20's and mostly it's just shades of grey that you have to learn to negotiate. often right and wrong are more a matter of where you're standing than anything else, and answers are rarely as simple as we think.

so that's where i am - in the shades of grey...learning to follow god in the murk and mystery of life. i don't get it right all that often, but i'm getting better!

i do know one thing, that god is love, he loves me & because of that i can learn to love others. all things come back to this. 

expect a lot of posts on love!

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Rich Langton said...

Love it already and can't wait for more!!