Tuesday, October 24, 2006

be honest...or stay quiet

as i was driving yesterday, i was thinking about this blog, what i wanted to write, what i wanted to say...and i found myself censoring in my head what i would put on this blog.

my reason? because people i know would read this blog. people i love, people i respect, people who's good opinion i would like to preserve...
and then i realised that that reason sucks. big time.

i have always wanted to be someone who is authentic, who has an integrated life, who has the courage to be myself, be honest with where i'm at and not 'appearance manage' to the point where my public and private personas are two very different things. & i realised that if i censor what i would say, based on who 'might' read this, then i'm not being true to myself. i'm not being honest. & how could i then stand & say that i love the truth, if i shade it by omission?

so my commitment is to be as honest as i can - with my fears & my joys, with my doubts & convictions. & i hope that those who read this blog, particularly those who know me & love me will give me grace to be myself in all my broken and fractured glory, and space as i take this journey towards wholeness and healing.


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Rocky said...

Jack there is a difference between being honest with the people who know you and love you and everyone on the internet. So while I fully support you and encourage you to transparent in your blogging, you have to remember that if you post it you have to be comfortable with the potential that everyone on the net could read it.
AS I can only speak for myself I will offer you my undivided support and love on your journey to wholeness and healing.